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Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1953) was Italy's first female physician.  She devoted her life to scientific observation of very young learners.   She termed her approach "self education within a prepared environment."  Little Rock Montessori School (LRMS) offers your child a carefully prepared environment, which provides exposure to materials and experiences through which she/he can develop intelligence, as well as, physical and psychological abilities.

Elementary classes for first through fifth grade, primary classes for children ages 3 to 6 years and  a toddler community for children ages 22 months to 3 years are offered. Children at LRMS enjoy a balance of individual  activities and noncompetitive group activities.  Special Montessori materials motivate learning in areas of sensorial awareness, practical life, mathematics, language, geography, science, art, music and movement.

Because she/he is respected as an individual, a child at LRMS learns to assume responsibility for his/her own actions.  Since she/he is part of a "community of children," they learn to respect the feelings and ideas of others, sharing with them in work and play.

Parent participation is a tradition at LRMS, which began in 1966 with a group of parents dedicated to bringing excellence in early childhood education to Little Rock.  In 1970, the school moved into its current building, which was specifically designed to meet the needs of young learners.  Parent/teacher conferences, parent work days, and Parent Teacher Organization meetings invite you to make your child's education an opportunity for family growth.

Working with you, Little Rock Montessori School aims to inspire your child to a love of learning and an ongoing quest for knowledge of herself/himself and the world in which she/he lives.

To find out more about our school and Montessori teaching, we invite you to visit.  If you decide to visit, please call and make an appointment first so that we can set aside a specific time for you and your family to come see our school. 

Our program includes elementary classes for first through fifth grade, primary classes for children ages 3 to 6 years and a toddler community for children ages 22 months to 3 years are offered. We have observation rooms you may use to observe the children at work.

Please feel free to call with any questions or to schedule an appoinment,  (501) 225-2428.


Amy James